Messing Around

I am a proud woman.

I take my craft pretty darn serious, without tip toeing over the line into perfection.  I am sure there is no fun on that patch of green grass, so I just send messages on paper airplanes over the hedge, letting all the ladies with clean kitchens know how much fun we’re having getting dirty.

Because that’s how I roll: with good times and good plans.

So here’s my plan: I already have a journal with a bazillion recipes my family loves (and some they tolerate.  I’m looking at you, kale.)  I am going to try to get the recipes on here and share them with everybody.

Now here is why my recipes are a little different: I have Celiac, so I have 10 years’ worth of completely edible recipes stored up.  But my family is not Celiac…so I also have recipes for all the normal folk.

The twist?  Everything is from scratch.  No boxes, no kits, no premade meals.  And no casseroles.  Nobody actually likes casseroles.  (no, you don’t)

This is how I figure it.  People have been making meals from scratch for thousands of years.  Why on earth are we eating dinner from a box that was filled in a factory?

So, two footnotes for the factory idea.  One, factories have always given thousands of people jobs throughout the ages (or at least since the Industrial Revolution), so I can’t get too uptight about factories.  On the other hand (two), the art of cooking for the family has always been a staple in culture.  Who makes the best lasagna?  Grandma.  Who can cook the entire Christmas dinner with one hand tied to her apron?  Mom.  Who had the most amazing homemade cookie recipe?  Aunt Amy.

Now, we don’t have the same economy nor the same culture that we did back then, so things have changed.  I don’t live in the MidWest or on a farm; I’m smack in the middle of suburban California, surrounded by either crazy cities or empty farmlands…this can lead to a bit of a bipolar mindframe with housewives.  We stay at home to raise our kids, teach our children, tend our home and love our husbands.  At the same time, we are driven to be productive members of society somehow.  It’s a little crazy trying to balance these two worlds in your head, and it usually ends with us breaking down in the kitchen trying to figure out what we’re doing in the first place.

Why are we too busy to sit down for a bit?  Why are we too busy to cook? Why is there still laundry downstairs?  What am I doing?  Who am I?  (if you haven’t gotten to this point, I’d start a blog pronto to clue the rest of us in).

Listen, I have a full house here with 5 homeschooled kids and a craft table filled with projects that will keep me fiddling with my glue gun until next Christmas.  But it doesn’t have to be chaotic!  We are going to focus on cooking here, and we are going to get through this together!  I lived with my crockpot on full blast until I got a pressure cooker…because I wanted a shorter time cooking *without* compromising the integrity of the meals I made.

More quality, more efficiency, less work.  I can do this!

This last century, so much of the culture of home cooking has been lost; and for a sundry list of reasons.  However, recently there has been a flood of young adults (I am totally calling myself a young adult, btw) who have stopped in the middle of the meat aisle in the grocery store, and stared at the shrink wrapped cuts of beef and violently wondered, “Where is this meat coming from?!”

I have been there.  I spent a whole year doing back research figuring out the ins and outs of the meat business.  Where do vegetables go from the fields?  Why do some stores have prettier produce than other stores?  It’s a big business from agriculture to the supermarket, let me tell you.

Urban gardens are popping up, backyard chickens are coming back into fashion, and the rise of the pressure cooker is upon us…and I am in them all.

So that’s the plan!  Real food for real families with fantastic recipes from an honest to goodness real housewife and mother of 5.  We’ll see how it goes!


2 thoughts on “Messing Around

  1. pressure cooker:)))) I laugh my head of!!! It was one of the first things my mother gave me when I left home for my first busy job. Used it sometimes, but never again since I have a family, only if I need another big pot.
    My mother (a mother of 5, too) is still swearing on it.
    Love from Monika from Germany

    • Monika!!! It is so good to hear from you!! I was actually going to write up an explanation of why I got a pressure cooker, since it is so out of fashion in the kitchen. But I’m with your mom: I’ll swear by it till the end of time 😉 But I also use an electric pressure cooker, so it looks exactly like a big rice cooker; so it’s a little different than the ones you actually put on the stove. It’s just that my stove is pretty ineffective, and I don’t trust that it could actually get the pressure cooker to reach the heat needed in a reasonable time.
      It is so nice seeing you on here, and please say hi to your fantastic husband and kids for me!

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