How to Make a Meal

I’ll show you the light I see at the end of this tunnel, to give you an idea of where I’m going with this:

Think of preparing a meal for yourself.  Nice, pretty easy.  Not a lot of hassle.  Now multiply yourself by 7 and give yourself wildly differing tastes, and that’s my house.

You must be a WIZARD to figure out how to make unique, interesting, nutritious, creative, comforting and filling meals. I’m not saying I’m that wizard (but really, I’m that wizard).

Here’s the deal.  You can make a bazillion recipes from a bazillion different ingredients.  It just depends what your core is.  Our core is roughly European.  I tried making authentic Chinese dishes for about a year or two (being inspired by our time in Beijing, fwiw), but the problem was: I didn’t have the core ingredients for Chinese dishes.  You can get pretty intimidated by a recipe that has 20 ingredients…unless you already have those ingredients on hand, and then you’re all, “cool.”

But I strongly encourage people to make some heightened judgements regarding which dishes you pair together.

Let’s take a really easy one: steak.  Let’s say it’s just your run of the mill steak, medium rare, nice gristle, good pepper.  K?  Now, what goes with this?  Rice?

Nay, my friend.


No.  No carrots.



The thing is, the flavors on steak are going to be bold and savory.  The carrots are going to be very sweet, and it’ll throw the savory flavors completely off, and you are going to ruin the meal.  Yes, ruin.  Similarly with the rice, the texture will just be completely off.  You’re chewing big chews, so to speak, with the steak.  You don’t want starchy, sticky rice to mess with the texture of the juicy steak.  Squash?  Do-able, if you don’t mess it up and over-steam the squash.

So this is what I’m planning on doing, ultimately:  get a bunch of recipes up for reference, and then start pairing them up for meals.  After that, I’m going to line the meals up for weekly meal lists for ya.  Cause I like ya 😉


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