Sellout Coleslaw

This coleslaw is absolutely the best coleslaw outside of KFC.  

It has nice, crisp cabbage, the dressing is creamy and sweet.  My family can eat almost a whole head of cabbage worth of this coleslaw.  It is my “go to” recipe for dinners with friends or potlucks.  It is wildly popular, very healthy (I think) and very quick.

The nice thing is, you can have this as a side dish to just about anything.  Hamburgers, steak, chicken, carnitas, burritos, picnics, pot lucks.  It’s so good, I bet you could serve it at Easter.

It’s also amazingly simple…almost too simple.

So here goes:

  • Get a head of cabbage.
  • Get Hidden Ranch Coleslaw dressing (ouch.)
  • Get a large carrot.

So here’s what you do:

Take the first 2 leaves off the cabbage, and  cut a big chunk off the head.  Start slicing it really thin with a good, sharp knife.  Now, I have tried using a food processor….but that thing has broken on me so many times, it’s infuriating.  I think the kicker for me was when I shredded cheese in it for pizza, and I ended up picking out chunks of plastic out of my teeth.  True story.  Stupid, stupid food processor (and it was a name brand one, not something from the $.99 store or anything).  So, you could go that route, but there is so much more to clean doing it that way.  Just use a knife.  It’s quicker.

Okay, so just keep slicing the cabbage until you have a bowl full of it.  Now, peel the carrot and grate it right into the bowl.  Now open the Coleslaw dressing that you didn’t make from scratch, and dump the whole bottle….well, not the bottle….into the cabbage.

Toss with your mighty tongs and cover, and put it in the fridge for a little bit just to chill out.

This is my total sellout recipe.  But it is perfect, so why mess with it?


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