Zedi of Champions

Listen. I’ve said this before, and it’s still true now:

You can never mess up Zedi.

Bachelor?  No cooking skills? Forget how to use the stove? Not in the mood for Cup of Noodles?  Zedi is your friend.  Make it for people who are feeling sick.  Make it for dinner. Make it for potlucks…although, make sure you don’t make it for vegan companies.  Just sayin I did that once, and no one touched the dish covered in non-organic cheese and laced with ground beef (I didn’t know they only ate vegan seaweed and organic rice…who knew??).   It didn’t go over well…but I had leftovers for a few days, so that kinda worked out for me.

Follow me with this one:

  • Gluten free corn or quinoa Penne pasta
  • Shredded cheddar cheese (shred your own cheese, okay?)
  • 2 cans organic stewed tomatoes
  • 1 can organic tomato paste
  • 1 lbs. organic ground beef (I know it’s more expensive, but it’s worth it.  Trust me on this.)
  • kosher salt, ground pepper, fresh basil, garlic powder, oregano
  • cottage cheese

Now, take a deep breath.  We’re going so start cooking.  Get your towel…..

Don’t Panic.

Preheat the oven at 400F, or like I like to say: a little cooler than the flames of my heart.

First you’re going to need to boil some water in a pot.  Don’t over think this step!  Just let nature take its course and the water will boil on its own.

Now, once the water is at a rapid boil, put in a whole box of penne pasta.  Cook the pasta for 8-9 minutes.  You’ll know the pasta is done cooking when you can pretty easily cut the pasta with a spoon.

While the pasta is cooking: get a 14″ pan and brown the ground beef with the kosher salt, ground pepper and dried oregano.  When it’s about done, dump the cans of tomatoes in, add a little more garlic.  Cover this and turn the temperature down.  Let it simmer until you’re ready to use it.

Drain the pasta and spoon/dump it into the bottom of a baking dish.

Now spoon the cottage cheese onto the pasta in a rather smooth layer.

Before I go on, here is the deal with the cottage cheese: If I wanted to do this right, I’d use ricotta.  I know this.  There is nothing classy about cottage cheese.  You dont see Wolfgang Puck using cottage cheese in his dishes.  But I will always use cottage cheese in this dish.  Because life is crazy sometimes, and some days you are drinking petite sirah with your girlfriends in a sunroom, and some days you’re sharing a bag of fritos with beer in a campground.  There is a time and place for ricotta, and this is not the time.  This is a home meal, and cottage cheese is fantastic in this dish.  So don’t go weird and start using ricotta.  Stick to your roots.  Keep it real.

Then spoon the tomato sauce onto the cottage cheese. Place the fresh basil on top of this.

Shred as much cheese onto the top of this as you want.  No one is judging you here, my friend.

Okay, so you got this beautiful dish here….stick it in the oven for 20 minutes to be groovy as one.

In the end: it’s all good.  


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